Customer Data
That Counts

Kanably’s chatbot analyzes the interest, tastes and habits of your customers, adapting their shopping experience with every word.


Kanably enables you to build meaningful experiences for your customers by engaging each customer in conversation and using each interaction to develop a persona. As the relationship grows, so does your understanding of their needs.


Kanably syncs with your stores existing inventory and suggests products that fit your customers interests. Customers can learn about the strain, view what others had to say about it and add it to their cart in seconds.

Your Personal Assistant

Kanably allows you to be there for your customers at any time of the day. Whether it be answering questions about your products, answering health related concerns or simply accepting an order via Messenger, Kanably has you covered.


Kanably understands the importance of every sale. Whenever your customers forget an item in their cart, Kanably will automatically send them a friendly reminder a few days later.

Reach your customers on Messenger

Kanably’s AI powered chatbot extends the reach of your eCommerce store to Facebook, giving you the tools to grow your business online.

Helping brands build meaningful relationships with their customers one conversation at a time.